Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Formative Assessment

Well we had our formative with Jared last week Thursday, and man have we got a lot left to do! He was satisfied with the consistancy of our designs style, so at least now we know they work well together, but our blogs were a bit of a letdown as we need to show how our research got us to our concept pieces.

I've gone back over my blog since then and tried to make it clearer by posting reference pictures next to my concept art to show how they relate and written more about my opinion of my research and how it can/has helped us. I think we will need to finish up modelling this week or very soon, then we can begin compositing it (which I think will be a big part of my job...) and animate the parts we want as well as the camera. I have finished modelling most of my work now, and will post what I have done thus far;

Finished example of the bin.. am not sure if it actually needs to look that 'destroyed' as not everything in our cave is derelict and this is a very minor background detail.

The next two models were done with the help of my flower field concept art;

The shape of the tree and background buildings are taken directly from this image;

The only thing that needs improving is the house as I need to add some rubble around the outside to explain its derelict state, and why it doesn't look as whole as Karen's buildings!

I have also have an animation of what the grass can do on Maya... Our grass will be animated similar to this, but since it's in a cave, there will be less movement. I'll upload a better example of it soon, hopefully with the finished textured tree in the background (which I am going to try and attempt!)

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