Tuesday, 2 February 2010

modelling update

just a short update on the modelling front...

I've remodelled and finished work on the flowers I think (still need to show them to my group)

I've done 5 different variations of the flower so they dont look the same in our enviornment by using deformers.

However, I've been having trouble modelling the tree for the flower field. For some reason I can't get Maya to go into 'component mode' so the concept art I imported into an image plane to help with modelling can't be seen.
I'm going to see if anyone can help me sort this out on wednesday but for now here is a very rushed and quick example of how we can create the flowers, trees and grass using Maya PaintFX (which I dont' want to go for in the final film as it seems like pure laziness).

I've also worked out how to animate the grass in the flower field but for that we will need to use Maya's pre-set grass.


Yuki has helpfully found me a tutorial that will be great for modelling a tree -


I will reference this over the next few days whilst working. It also seems like we will be going to visit Chislehurst Caves on Thursday for our research since there's no lesson due to the Barcelona trip.

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