Friday, 5 February 2010

This week's news...

We had a group meeting during lunch on our Wednesday lesson and showed each other what we had done. Everyone has made some very good progress and we are all pleased at how our project is progressing. I've given the flowers I modelled to Ryan to texture and I'm going to try and add the finishing touches to the bin and house and then they will be ready to texture too. The only outstanding modelling assignment I have is the tree which I will start today, then I'll see what else I can model.

Next, on Thursday we went to Chislehurst caves for cave research! Unfortunately Yuki couldn't accompany us but we took plenty of pictures for her to see later, they should be up on James and Karen's blogs sometime soon.
It was a really interesting experience, and we got a good feel for cave interiors, the floors and walls in particular which I think we hadn't thought about as much.

I think our research stage will continue a little longer as we discover more things we need to include in our cave but hopefully Jared will be able to tell us how we are doing properly during our formative next week. Will try and update again before then with the finished pieces of modelling.

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