Thursday, 14 January 2010


Finally had our first lesson at college today and got together to discuss things as a group!

Jared went through the brief with us as a class and explained that the IDEA students would pitch us projects they had completed the previous term to see whether we were interested in developing them as it would be a good foundation for this project rather than throwing us straight in the deep end.

During the lunch break we got together for a quick brainstorm and to distribute roles. We are all going to do some concept art sketches for next week, but as for the other roles they aren't finalised (although we might all try and have a go at a bit of everything). We will decide them once our ideas are further along the line (hopefully next thursday).

In the afternoon we assembled in the Atrium and heard the IDEA student pitches. It was amazing how much detail they had gone into with their research, and I'm sure that Jared expects that same level of detail with us so we will try hard not to let him down. I want to get some books out of the library tomorrow for concept art ideas and go on a few trips round London and maybe South-end to look at architecture.

We aren't sure how keen we are on a lot of the ideas, as we all seem quite keen to pursue the survival-horror styled underground city, so whilst on the train home I did a quick brainstorm of random ideas that popped into my head that related to the underground city and police station idea our group has;

(full view)

I hope to fill the next journal with research on these ideas and then sketches I have done for our project that incorporates the aspects of them that we like.

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