Thursday, 14 January 2010

looking at concept art

We want to set our scene at night or in a dark environment to add to that survival-horror feel so we were thinking of different ways for our environment to stay dark. I suggested for one of my ideas in the previous journal that our environment could be set in the future when plants have overrun civilisation and karen has helped add to that by saying;

"i really like the plants over running the earth/cave or whatever. Then we could create a lovely giant tree that we and you loves in the Prince Of Persia book.
If we are to stick with the cave then you could have lots of roots from the ceiling as our *sky* as it would be overtaken. Ooo and have some pretty flowers, abit like the Avatar film."

Hope she doesn't mind me quoting here like that :D

Anyway... the first thing I thought of concerning trees was the concept art for Lord of the Rings by John Howe and Alan Lee, so I did a quick image search using the search engine 'Bing' (trying different engines to see if it gives different results as Jared suggested earlier today)

While neither Howe nor Lee drew these (it was Paul Lasaine who also worked on the film) this is original concept art of Rivendell which is a building surrounded by trees, and while this is a lot more vibrant than the look we want but I would like to concentrate on the appearance of the scene before worrying too much about colour. Our trees and plants will be taller than this (although some may remain building-height to show disrepair).
here are some other images that may help us with plants by him...

all these images were found on his blog...;

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