Sunday, 17 January 2010

Friday and more concept art

On Friday we were in for PPD and contextual studies lectures but before they began I came in early to do some research in the library.

I took two books out;
"The Art of Game Worlds" by Dave Morris and Leo Hartas
"Creating the Art of the Game" by Matthew Omernick

I've lent the first book to Yuki to share some of the research but they both have very helpful images and tutorials that we may be able to use.
I will scan these in asap.

My group have also found a few more useful links and videos..

Ryan found an amazing concept artist on the deviantArt;

I'll definately be looking at this site over the next few days when I try some concept art.

And since we are considering a 'cave' typed closed in environment.. James has found this video which is another student project;

It would be great if we could do somehting as nicely textured and detailed as this.

And here's another student showreel that James found. Lovely animation and background detail!

Now then... I've done a lot of research for general concept art, but I thought I'd have a section here for the survival-horror game related concept art that would be most useful;

Resident Evil 5;

Perfect examples of what we want to achieve!

By Steve Simmons, from;

He has so many beautiful illustrations, particularly vibrantly colourful ones, but as they're not relevent to survival horror I haven't shown them. They can be found on the above link though.


Our environment is not set underwater like the setting for this game but I still love the style these were done in and use of perspective and detail.

Police stations;

Photos I found using the search engine 'Bing' of random police stations that I could adapt to our town...


I think that's as much as I need for now.. need to start designing!!

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