Friday, 22 January 2010

Wellcome Trust visit and more concept art

Yesterday myself Karen, James and Ryan visited the Wellcome Trust and their '8 Rooms, 9 Lives' exhibition near Euston to gain inspiration and ideas for our project. There were some interesting designs on display (plus some weird ones) but not many of them fit our brief. Most of our ideas came from buildings we found on the way round London and the Underground (which are in Karen's possession).

My favourite part was probably the interactive stuff on the first floor. In one part we drew pictures relating to random words on the back of the supplied blank cards and placed them on display along with other peoples work to describe autism. There was also a big section on dieting.. and a strange model of a very bloated individual. But they didn't help too much!

As well as that, during the day we had a group meeting and decided new jobs for each group member. I'm still working on concept art and my task this time was to draw a beautiful flower field in the middle of our spooky deserted city. I went back to Paul Lasaine's blog and took these pictures as my main inspiration;

Here is what I came out with...


This is just the very first attempt mind.. And I will add more detail and change what I can depending on what the group thinks and wants. For example, maybe a view of the flower field from slightly further back..
Yuki has also helpfully given me a link to creating flowers in Maya!

And while I was in Photoshop I also tried to improve my last Police Station attempt slightly...

I felt my last effort was still too light and not 'evil' looking enough, so voila I darkened a lot of it and on Ryan's recommendation, added a reddish hue to the plants.

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