Thursday, 14 January 2010

Digital Environments Project

Start of a new year and the start of a new brief!

This term we are working in groups for our 'Digital Environments' project and working separately for our 'Industry Exercises 2' assignment.
Unfortunately the past two weeks we have been unable to get into college because of the snow so we are already quite a way behind schedule.

We have, however, managed to assemble our group together quite promptly. My fellow animators for this project are; Yuki, Ryan, Karen and James! I've never worked with any of them before but they are a friendly, lovely lot and have already put forwards loads of interesting potential ideas. We are using a facebook group to share links and areas of research but I will put the ones I find most inspirational and helpful here to get this project started...


We aren't yet sure how much of our own ideas we are allowed to put into the design of this project, as we are working with a different class but a lot of the group are fans of survival horror videogames (myself included) so we are looking at the colour palettes, background designs and existing animations for that;

Karen has helpfully listed a few things to get us started;
*Dead Rising
*Assassins Creed
*Spyro the Dragon
*Avatar (the movie)
*Resident Evil 2 - The police station

and taking this into consideration we did some research...

Found by Ryan, a graduation project from another uni which way ahead of what we can do but still always good to have something to aim for! :D particularly the colours and the small animations found in it (like electrical sparks and smoke issuing in the background), might be useful to refer back to this later on.

He also found the above video on youtube which shows a nice use of camera angles and colour. If we're going for a survival horror game look then the '1st person shooter' POV is a nice idea to attempt...

Website and picture found by Yuki, they have beautiful concept art of backgrounds that we like the colour palette of and the amount of detail and thought put in the environment

Another site showing beautiful use of colour, courtesy of yuki :D

I also managed to find a couple of previous years' projects on youtube, and while they were all helpful, everyone was most impressed by this video;

It's a simplistic design but it accompanies the music well and values quality over quantity.

And Ryan found this video from a group in another college that is, quality-wise, along the lines that we want to create;

Their use of textures are quite interesting, especially the rocks - something else we will need to look into!

I will create another journal full of my personal research into this project, but for now here are the blogs of the other members of my group for reference...

Yuki -
Ryan -
Karen -
James -

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