Monday, 18 January 2010

concept art

Looking over the concept art I found I tried to create an idea of my own for our project.
Started off with a page of random building sketches...

These are the three main police station pictures I looked at for reference;

Mainly looking at the first one for its shape, the windows of the second and third.

Tried recreating and colouring it on photoshop. Trying out different version with different colours/filters;

I've broken down what I did in steps but right to the last picture I was unsure of the colours so..

I mainly reference this picture for the colour of the caves and plants as it had a nice spooky feel. Except for the white background, I felt it would be a lot darker in the cave environment than this forest.

Finished result;

and a quick birds-eye sketch of my idea;

It's set in a cave of sorts that plants have taken over from lack of human use... it's supposed to be a semi-futuristic city with the police station in the center.
Anyway, need to get some feedback from the rest of my group before I do anymore to make sure I'm going in the right direction. Hope they like it...

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